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Life is a continuous educational process, requiring new information and the fortification of that which was previously gathered.  The following list is just some of the courses that have been attended after the residency program ended.

09/14/95+ ACOS Annual Clinical Assembly, New Orleans, LA, Category I-22hrs
Surgical approaches to the cervical spine in 360 degrees
Current management of thoracic disc
Late complications of myelomeningocele
Current concepts of stereotactic surgery
Wound hematomas in carotid endarectomy
Head injury treatment for the 1990's--gene therapy
Pediatric head injury

09/22/95 MN Osteopathic Fall Conference, Brainerd MN, Category I-10.5hrs

10/15/95 Management of Acute Cerebral Ischemia, San Francisco, CA, P. Stieg, Category I-2.5hrs

10/15/95+ Innovations in Cranial Approaches & Exposure, San Francisco, CA, R. Dacey, Cat.I-21.75hrs
Tumors & approaches to the lateral ventricles
Treatment of congenital craniofacial disorders & spinal dysraphisms
Innovations in the treatment of lumbar disc disease: current trends in management
Conventional discectomy techniques: the gold standard
Is there a future for percutaneous intradiscal therapy?
Foraminotomy, facetectomy, far lateral discs, open extraforaminal approaches
The case for PLIF
Spinal instrumentation has enhanced our results in degenerative disease of the lumbar spine
Surgical observations on lumbar degenerative disease a 30 year perspective
Management guidelines for severe head injury- blessing or curse?

10/15/95 Critical Care for the Neurosurgeon: Guidelines & Clinical Practice, San Francisco, CA, J. Wilberger, Cat.I-8hrs
Intracranial Physiology
Cerebral Blood Flow Monitoring: Practical Application
Cerebral Metabolic Monitoring in the ICO
ICP Monitors
Strategies for ICP Control
Critical Care of Acute Spinal Cord Injury
Hemodynamic Support and Monitoring
Transcranial Doppler
Nutritional Support Electrolyte Management
Perioperative Management of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Practical Aspects of Ventilatory Support

12/08/95 Cerebral Vascular Skull Base, AGH, Pittsburgh, PA, T. Fukushima, Category I-4hrs

12/09/95 Cerebral Vascular Symposium, AGH, Pittsburgh, PA, J. Bailes, Category I-5hrs

12/29/95 Clinical Neurosurgical Practice, Biweekly Review, G. Tindall, Category I-4.5hrs
Neurosurgical Management of Spasticity Part I. Evaluation & Medical Management
Neurosurgical Management of Spasticity Part II. Surgical Management
Complications of Lumbar Disc Surgery

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